How much “personalization” in digital ?

Personalized user experience is a popular trend in digital since it is relatively easy to create personalized tactics in this space. Creating tailored messages and offerings to the right customers is usually generating more efficiency for the companies.

How much “personalization” in digital ?
How much “personalization” in digital ?

But, do we know that how much the users happy with such approaches ? Do they like being tracked to receive personalized offerings or they prefer to select among the available options by themselves?

Imagine that, you are shopping in a mall, do you like someone always put something in front of you and saying that “you looked that one, now you may like to see this one ?”… I think that would be an annoying shopping experience (at least for me). Many people like to look for alternatives among the all available options and ask for the help in case they need. So, the same is also valid for digital.

Companies should be careful while making investments on personalized digital channels. Instead of “push maketing” as a result of behavior tracking, digital footprint analysis,… etc, they should make it more a “pull marketing” where users can easily pick up the things that they like to see among the pool of available options. This means, creating a better user experience, powerful search functionalities, more user friendly platforms…. Without proposing these to the users, it is not relevant to push the content that they may like based on digital footprint analysis…

Digital user experiences should be as easy and simple as shopping in a mall. You can look for what you want, search among the options, ask for an help when needed, … and pay & exit….

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