Reducing the complexity: “The Simpler The Better”

Complexity is almost everywhere; in your life, in your company, in your own business,… etc. At many times, complexity itself is the result of other things mostly done in the past for more efficiency.

Reducing the complexity: “The Simpler The Better”

There might be many reasons for having complex processes in your organization due to many reasons like technological capabilities, budget constraints, organization structures… etc. But, this does not mean that they should stay as it is…

If you have not started “spring cleaning” for those things, it might be the right time to do it now.

Due to change in technology, competition, market dynamics, client expectations,… etc; there is always a room for doing some changes in your approach. And, this might be a good opportunity for simplification, you may even remove some of them?

Do not let those complex processes kill your efficiency and consume your resources, always look for how to simplify or simply remove them… Not all companies are working in rocket science industry…

And, for more efficient and agile organizations, the way of simplified thinking should also be part of the company culture and DNA, not only the objectives of the specific colleagues or teams assigned.

Here is the verified fact for me a lot of times in my professional and personal life: “The simpler the better…”

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