Target the right customers for Digital Tactics

Having a realistic and executable digital strategy does not mean that you’ ll be achieving your marketing goals. You also need to clarify your customer profiles and their journeys ending up with your goals e.g. buying a product or having an interaction or creating an engagement…

At this point, customer profiling plays a crucial role. With the help of proper customer personas, you can design more precise customer journeys and can map your content better around those journeys.

Target the right customers for Digital Tactics
Target the right customers for Digital Tactics

Customer profiling is an iterative process that may start with more generic personas and then having more precise ones within the time by measuring the results of digital tactics.

As similar with digital strategy creation process, do not make your customer personas complex and detailed at the beginning. Following the simple steps below will be enough for a successful starting:

  • Start with simple customer personas.
  • Draw your customer journeys.
  • Map your content around those journeys.
  • Start executing the digital tactics.
  • Measure the impact.
  • Revise your customer personas, customer journeys and your content as an iterative process…

The key point here is having a simple starting point. As similar with all other digital strategy components, keep the things simple and achievable as usual.

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